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Nuclear Lizard Media

In 2017 I started KH EDITS, my very first business. It had one purpose: to provide post production services to everyone who needed it, YouTubers and business people alike. While (attempting to) build my client base, I had multiple people ask if I had anything else to offer aside from cutting out the "ums", "uhs" and awkward pauses from their videos while adding some fancy transitions and royalty free music. That's when I knew that if I wanted to be successful in running my own business in this field, I would have to expand my services. And with the 2020s proving to be a decade full of changes in my personal life, I decided that it was time to make some professional changes as well--- starting with the name of my company.

Enter NUCLEAR LIZARD MEDIA, an independent postproduction company that offers video and audio editing services for content creators. My goal is to produce high quality media at prices that won't break the bank.

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About Me


I'm Kim Lacanilao. I have an Associates Degree in Broadcasting from Bergen Community College. My professional experience includes:

- 7 years of video editing

- 4 years of audio editing

- 3 years of videography

- 1 year of photography

I also run a YouTube channel called Kaiju Kim where my enthusiasm for the Godzilla franchise runs wild. 

Speaking of which, the name "Nuclear Lizard Media" is an homage to Godzilla

who is, in fact, a nuclear lizard.

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